Jan 26, 2009

What da ya think???

SSSoooooo Dear Bloggers What do you think of my new layout =P??
be honest okay pinky promise..
well i knw one thing Zara is gonna love it!! haha

did i go soo sponge boby this time?? =(
wwwwhhaaaaattt dont stare at spongebob like that i love him...
spongey can move with ya too hehehhehehehe the c.box is too cheesey that i will change or what do you think??


Karamilah said...

loved it

J o u J a™ said...

i love its super cute

MashMosh said...

yaaaay yallah 2 votes till now =P thnx guys

Candy said...

a5eeeeeeran '3ayrtee el template,
ma3 ene ma e7eb spong bob bas 7abetah el 7een mn el template
el template looks cute ^^
bas one more thing: the color of the content must be white ^^ try it

MashMosh said...

loool candyooh i thought u'd hate it =P
wat do you mean bel content ai wa7ed??

btw glab you liked it !!!

libero anima said...

spooooooooooooooong boooooooooooooooooooooooooooob ! 7abeeeebeeeeee ...

bss wain the annoying patrik ?

o mabro0ok 3al new template =D

Candy said...

ya,t5ayalee shlon knt akraha wayed hal spong bob wayed o el 7een 7abetah <_<
kela mn el template lol!
i meant el pinky content,el post content,a7es is gonna be prettier,
give it a try,& show us ^^

Anonymous said...

Cute !

Anonymous said...

Yay dance with Spongebob! Awww I love him so much, I have his soft toy sleeping beside me every night!I love his wiggly hands and legs =P! I love him!

MashMosh said...

thnx sweety umwa7 well u are enough i dont need partick b3d lool

glad you loved it huni ^_^
humph ma3eraft asawiiii =P

Chinese eyes::
thnx babe!! ^_^

yaaaaays umwa7 *high fives*

Limited said...

a7ib spongebob walla! yesterday i was watching it with my little cousins and kilhm were shocked that a person this old is singing along to the theme song xD

TOOTA said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

even though i dont like spongebob, i actually love this theme ;)

Balqees said...

i simply love spoungbob
so i simply think that ur layout is lovely (A)

MashMosh said...

haha i knw 9a7 oooo who lives in a pineapple under the sea??

3ayoonich el kaauuutteee XD

thnx for the mojamala 7abeebti =P haha

isnt he amazing??
thnx huni ^_^

On-The-Rocks said...

the layout is good, maybe changing the colors of the fonts maybe just maybe....

my niece had a sponge bob birhday pary few months ago she's 7 now, she absolutely loves little bobby!!!! my sister had to order things online to make the part 100% sponge bob

who lives in a pineapple under the sea? sponge bob square pants!!!!

although her younger sister which os now almost three, says: spons bab wear cunt!!!!! hahahaha

Faisal F. said...

I came here not to vote. But only to say thank you for the comments. I would have voted if I weren't such a adament believer in dictatorship.

If YOU say it's nice then it's nice :P

MashMosh said...

on the rock::
yeh u think bss i dont knw how to fiddle around with those things!!
alllay a party with 100% spongebob theme *dreams* that super cool..
haha ya7latha allah ye7f'6ha lekom!!

Fasial F.::
haha lool it's just a layout you knw !!
np dude + thnx for passing by ^_^


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