Jan 10, 2009

e7m... May i have your attention please!!!

Okay so since everyone is requesting songs and demanding on putting our real voices after singing i were a boy by beyonce the twisted verison (it's with libero anima) SO we thought wat the hell....

hey to make it even better lets put the video =P

hope you like it ... enjoy..

Sooo how did you like it =P??

Hate it / Love it??

we have sexy voices huh??

We wish dont we libero maybe one day we will be like them with loooaaadssss of infinty practice !!!

P.S:: the one with the blue or black i dunno body remindes me of zara :$ hehe


TOOTA said...

LOOOL I LIKE their voices!!;p

oky that was soo interesting i soo wanna record my voice playing the guitar and playing my favorite song!!;p

since i went to too many lessons and contests why not release my talent right?!;p

MashMosh said...

loool yeh 9a7 mashallah !!
yeh dude we need some talent in the blogsphere !!!

libero anima said...

looooooool go me go me i mean us !! we rick !! =p

haahaaahaaaaaaa ya habla mashmosh laish 7a6aiteeh a7eneh baye7sedoona !! =p

TOOOOOOOOOOTAA yeah why not post one of your songs .. paaaaleeeeeze=p

MashMosh said...

looool xD a9lan ahskera kel we7da labsetlha cut xD looooooooool

libero anima said...

loooool ! habla mashmooosh

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

loooooool ;)

zombie-commando said...

i can sing better.. bas ma7ad tarajani

Zara said...

LOL they sing so well!
Aww sweetie you remember me? She look cute and definitely have straighter hair and slimmer than me haha!

MashMosh said...

6al3a 3alich =Pp.

haha :P

yallah post something we need talent in the blogshpere.

<_< *strangles zara* awalan there is an invention named straightener o i guess it's a 5aleeji thing not having straight hair a9lan i dont want it o zarooona noh she's not i find you more slimmer !!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

i love it!

Anonymous said...

nice & sexy voices, ^^
wut abt the 5aliji song ^^"
"مايطلبه القراء لول

Zara said...

Woooo this is 5alijee pride, my hair look so wavy, I tried straightener but after a few months, i went back to the same old curly hair =(! *hugs MashMosh and kiss her* Did you just mentioned that I look slimmer? That's why I LOVE YOU! Your just simply adorable!

MashMosh said...

Music, happiness, love::
thnx hun ^_^

loool inshallah on the way xP yallah enti wain your blog i missed you

omg u are crazy zarooona why do you want to be ruler slim kash5a curvy sexier =P *umwa7 love you too babe*

Zara said...

Love! You just got the Butterfly award, check out my link http://zarawafahd.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-butterfly-award.html

sadia said...

the one in red makes weird faces! :S

Ruby Woo said...

the one on the right is annoying

libero anima said...

i'm the one on the left with the black hair and blue top ! mwahahaha XD

The Extravagate said...

they have nice voices :P

MashMosh said...

thnx babe =*

haha yeh that would be mee!! xD

ruby woo::
why?? *cries* ana annoying ?? =@ haaa??? =P jk

haha you wish !!! =P

the extravagante::
yeh 9a7 ?? *sighs*

Neoark said...

they have nice sexy voice, love it!


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