Jan 24, 2009

Questions & Answers

I Was Tagged By My Crazy C.box Friend Candy to do this Fav list.

Favorite color: I dont have one you see it depends on the shade of the color but for now i am into turquoise .

Favorite getaway place: My Room!!

Favorite perfume (guys): Hmm.. i guess shei5.

Favorite perfume (girls): Versace *the one with the black rock on top*

Favorite pj brand: I dont have one, i just get anything i like its just a PJ. =P

Favorite clothes brand in general: Same here anything that looks nice.

Favorite person in the entire world: My mom =)

Favorite country (not including your own): Australia

Favorite car: Mercedes

Favorite sport: Haha are you kidding me ??

Favorite sport player: NoN, not into sports!

Favorite spot in Kuwait: I dont remember since i was a small kid when i went there..

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite movie: I dont have one, too much movies.

Favorite singer: My taste in music is universal.

Favorite day in the week: mmmm.. Saturday i guess.

Favorite time of the day: Morning time like 8ish or 9ish

Favorite holiday season: Spring Break.

Favorite number: I dont have one..

Favorite food: When it come to food am an adventurer =P all kinda food is welcomed to my tummy.

Favorite chocolate: Tolebrone =P white one.

Favorite cartoon: DUH... Sponge Bob Square Pants..

Favorite blogger: All bloggers who write what they really feel.

Favorite Flavour Ice Cream: Perlines by Baskin Robbins.

Favorite Mobile Brand: Sony Erricson.


You should add a new favorite to the list and pass it on to 10 to 15 people.

I Tag : Libero anima, Zara, Chinese eyes, Ruby Woo, Sadia, Saroyque, Lets talk love, hijabis on ranting tour *Nazz*, Forbidden love, DanDoon, Lostb2amreeka, Errant.

P.S:: Inshallah next post i will try to upload the dress pic and update you about my diet .. tc everyone.. XOXOXO


sadia said...

thanks for the tag!
lol @ "DUH... Sponge Bob Square Pants"

Zara said...

Yay! I got tagged =P jk!
Who live in the pineapple under the sea? Spongebob square pants =D
Eeee I wanna be slim! I wanna be slim *Zara stomping her feet*
Waiting to see your dress soon sweetie, love you mwah!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

i love sponge bob too!
rite wat ur diet is i wanna go on a diet too

MashMosh said...

np babes lol yeh like HELLO my profile pic =P

*gasps* zara you forgot the oooooo before who live?? O_O
haha zaroona if you had my body wat would you do ha hang ur self say el 7emdelah huni ... love ya too babe :**

Music, happiness, love::
okki hun i am gonna post asap *yaaay for spongebob lovers*

Chinese Eyes said...

Thanks for the tag !

libero anima said...

msh msssssssssh yal 5aynaaa ! i'm not ur fav. in daa world ? ..
u hurt me reaaaaal bad man .. u really did :'(

loool jk man XD

Candy said...

lol @ libro
nice list,:PPP
& wut the hell with spong bob?
i meam wuts the wow abt? i feel like its stupid even i 've never seen any episode,my lil sis is adoring this show <_<

Lost b2amreeka. said...

7abeebtii I already did the tag but thank you for tagging me ;***

lets talk love said...

aweeh im taggedddd yaaaaaaaaaaaaay hehe

but wait girl b4 i leave lazeem netfahaam!!!

Favorite chocolate: Tolebrone =P white one

first i read tulebrone then i was like yummmmmmmmmmmmy then come the white one parttttt !!!!1 what hehe u ruined my moment here hehe

Balqees said...

i <3 spongebob
he's so cute and funny (A)

MashMosh said...

*gasps* see then judge *mutters dumb candy* *sticks tongue out*

Lost b2meerka::
haha tis okay hun zeyadat el 5air 5airain..

lets talk love::
wallah the white taste better *drools* you should try!!

i knw can you believe that candy for saying spongey is not wow eee5 lol *hugs*


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