Jun 23, 2009

Summer Cleaning erm.. Break

*Cough* *Cough* Boy this place is dusty!!

it sure needs updating dont ya think??

Hey ya'll long time no read eh?? * knock on your monitor screen *, do you still remmeber me ?? =P

I knw i have been away for soo long but blame uni not me anyways i think your all bored with all these exuses busy, uni, summer, family, blah blah blah ....

So who are all doing?? missed this place alot like seriously alot, miss speaking my mind up and sharing it with you guys *hugs* okay okay lets start with my updates...

1. Just came back from q8 my cuzins wedding and OH MY GOD did i have the time of my life darn i wish i could show u pics =P no seriously kuwaiti weddings ROCK big time woohooo

2. We are not traveling this summer so no Austraila all because of this PIG 5ara flu i swaer you have no idea how much i want to travel the weather is horriable in Dubai very EXTREMLY hot and no i dont mean hot as sexy !!

3. My final driving test is on the 14 of July which makes me freak out cuz i finshed my classes like long ago and went to q8 and all my common sense evaporated lol yeh . so wish me luck you guys.

4. Ermmm.... kuwait peeps are comin soon =D which makes me happy and get my head off the traveling thing

5. What else I MISSED YOU!!

yallah now tell me whats going on with ur life???


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