Feb 27, 2009


This week was good until yesterday *hating it* >.<> want to remember it inshallah everything is going to be fine * nakadt 3alikom mn awal el post*

Anyways this week i had an exam at uni and if i passed i would drop this course *cross fingers* i have a good feeling about it o inshallah i will pass i cant bare going to uni at 9 you see it will ruin my schedule which very happy and dont want it to get ruined because of this stupid course ...

mmm.... wat else ?? God why does my mind go blank when i write in the blog .. i think making a voice blog would be much easier looool what do you think ??

btw the blogsphere is sooo active mashhalh i cant catch up with it lol i am so excited about my aerobics and yoga/ relaxation class i went to both of them o am LOVIN IT BABE i feel more healthier btw i stoped dieting and decided to control my food instead yeh who am i kidding lol no but seriously i will try to control my food ...

I knw this post is so blah and stuff but i keep on forgetting what am i gonna write about akeed i bored u knw lol so yallah tc and see u soon...

P.S:: I so totally need a husband even tho if it was only for one day is it to hard to ask for =/ ooohhh maaaaaaaaaaan

Feb 21, 2009


Hello Floggers,

5ala9 am gonna name you floggers mn el yoom o raye7 i liked it =D anyho lets begin with the updates wooohooo

1. The wedding was AMAZING i wish i could share pics with you =( i danced my butt off maybe thats why every muscle in me ached the next day YOU THINK???

2. The dress turned out great and everybody complemented me *e7m e7m* i dont mean to brag but some of my relatives told me i lost weight i was like O_O the all grins cuz i lost only 3 kilos and didnt think it would show u knw?, oooh oooh didnt like my make up that much cuz my fake eyelash was glued on half of my eyelid YES eyelid can you believe that GOD bss my hair was nice me likey =D most importantly I HAD A BLAST!! would give this wedding 100/100 .

3.I started organizing my self for uni reading and catching up cuz i really neglected uni last week hehe *evil smile*

4. I missed writing blogs and i got tagged by 3 people sillhouette Crime and limited to do the grumpy thing and DanDoon to do the pic thingie am really sorry 7abbaybe am late (k) forgive me NOW NOW.. =P

Grumpy Tag

Three abnormal things:

1. Really quiet people (no offence).

2. Fake people.

3. Facebook. =P

Two irritating things:

1. When you talk on the phone and people see you talking but talk to you anyways like i can hear 2 people at a time shheeesssh -.- .

2. when your private icths you and you cant itch it cause u are in public loooool .

The anger trigerer:

When someone annoys u and then u laugh then it really gts annoying and you tell them to stop and they keep on going on. yeh that fires me up.

Three people cant live without:

1. My family.

2. My imaginary husband. (am so pethetic wallah)

3. My friends.

Two people i dont want to see:

Hmm... I dont knw. none i guess.

FAV Food:

Am a food addict =D all food is my fav =P.

FAV songs:

I dunno it's not stable =P..

The rules are as followed:

1.Put a picture of any grumpy person.

2.Then Mention 3 things that are just abnormal.

3.Two things that irritate you.

4.One trigger to your anger.

5.Three people you can't live without.

6.Two people you don't want to see.

7.One of your favorite foods.

8.Three of your favorite songs 2.

The Photo Tag

(1) Find your fifth photo file folder and then the fifth photo in the file folder.

(2) Post the picture on your blog.

(3) Tag other five blogger to do the same.

I Dont have many folders of pics in my laptop yes i am scared putting pics on the computer haha am so lame but i guess this kinda shit happen where they hack and stuff =P anyho my pic are all scattered in my pic folder so am gonna post the fifth one there =P lol (89at 7ayaty).

Its a pic of an arabic singer my friend wanted to photoshop her for her art class so she wanted to show me el pic o it ended up her =P

Thats about it folks till next time inshallah. =P



p.s: The boy in the grumpy tag is my lil bro *mashallah* he is sick now 7abeeby wallah mayshoof shar he has a fever and he's so quiet =( allah ey3afeeeh soon goolo ammeeeen i cant bear watching him che and oh almost forgot i tag who ever wants to do it =D..

Feb 20, 2009


Heya'll how are you ?
god i missed the blogsphere i know i havent post anything from ages and i missed that bss i was busy this week cuz i had my cuzin's wedding which was amazing @_@ it was yesterday and inshallah i will tell you all about it in the next post ..
This post is random lol just to tell you guys am alive *mowhahahaha* and gonna post more often inshallah plus i knw you missed me guys e7m e7m *wayed em9adga 3mry* =P ....

yallah c'ya around o tc you guys till next time (k) love ya all !!!

Feb 8, 2009

So You Had A Bad Day =(

so heres the deal today was very extremly annoying for the following reasons :-
1. I started uni today .
2. I slept for one hour only.
3. Mum was half an hour late on me because she was watching a "movie" and forgot me.
4. My body is aching from the bike ..
5. I am on a Diet ...

And on top all of that (as if it's not enough) i kept a small smile on my face =) yes am a good girl but i wasnt in the mood all day (including now) god my eyes are burning rite now ma3aneh i slept for 4 hours this after noon i should have orgnized my sleep over the holidays =( ugh stupid mashmosh beside dieting doesnt go well with uni and friends got i struggled today just to keep my mouth shut although i poped some maltesers in my mouth >.<>

Anyhoo today wasnt all bad since i liked some classes that i am gonna take this semster and some were just FREAKIN boring as usual nothing is perfect you cant have all the nice teachers and subjects bss thank god i am really satisfied with my teachers *phew* i can see all the girls runing around wanting to change thier teachers or something ( May God Be With Them ) so thats my latest update o inshallah 2moro is going to be a better day *cross fingers* ...

i knw this post doesnt make any sense but i wanted to get things out of my head and just clear things a bit =D love ya'll take care and always put a smile on ur faces i swear it makes a diff ..

P.S: I really dont like FaceBook =S i went in to check it out but i still after one month i dont get it god but i really feel comfortable with blogging more i guess bloging is ma thing =P

Feb 1, 2009

Sowailf Ejazat MashMosh =D

Hello dear blogger or “DuDeZzZ” as libero would say =P loool so let’s get with the good stuff yeh?

First of all the reason behind my “non posting post” is because my Aunt’s came over and slept for a couple of days o mashalah mum has 6 sister and each sister has at least 5 children mashalah *goolo mashallah* lol but not all of them came one was missing =( the one I see most was missing isn’t that ironic anyhow so we were out and about going to G.V (global village) and malls and such stuff.

Day one we spent it at DFC they had this thing going on like a mini caranaval going on on the marina walk mal DFC so we played and played and played but no teddy bear =( *stomps feet* NOT FAIR!!

Day Two we went to G.V and omg did we have a hell of a time there we played all the good games and we went to the genius record thinge and screamed our lungs out and saw a very scary show where 4 men do acrobats stuff on a spinning wheel i was standing there with my eyes wide opened and sweating plams *scary cat* and then while we were waiting for the “mums” we were the first one to arrive at the gate so I thought to make a prank for one of my cuzins which was not with us we went to the info desk which was located near by the gate and we told them with straight faces actually my cuzin told them I couldn’t keep a straight face anyways she told them that her lil sis was lost and gave the name so they can call her out loud in the G.V on all speakers and I was drink the water and laughing I almost chocked with it after the call went off my cuzin rang me up and sweared at me and I couldn’t say anything since I was laughing so hard after that we went out of the G.V and waited for them (mums) to come so there is this bike with a thinge on the back so passengers could sit I told the Indian guy I would like to sit and I was gonna take a round with it but was too shy since there was a lot of ppl near the gate so I ended up just sitting there taking photos .

Day Three we went to mushrif park and had loads of fun there “child hood memories* I played with everything it was a great work out so that’s how I spend my 3 days with my family..

Second thing is my diet progress haha e7m well I did lose 2 kilos in 5 days but since my family came over I tried to keep up with it but I did ruined it abit WAAAATTT family reunion and dieting don’t go together and everyone was forcing food on me I couldn’t be rude and say nooh *tut tut tut* bss el 7emdelah I didn’t gain weight back , Now I’ve noticed in the comments in the year resolution post that bloggers are telling me that losing weight so fast will make me gain it again DOUBLE b3d I just wanted to let the dear concerned blogger that my diet has 4 meals each day which is very filling loool like I do only eat 3 meals or even 2 o I don’t carve food that much so it’s good don’t you momzy bloggers worry (k)..

Third thing is that I am feeling quiet out off track with my diet it’s like I lost motivation u knw it’s never like the determination that u start with u knw wat I mean ? anyways inshallah I will get try to get motivated again am on the urge to lose my third kilo o inshallah will lose my fourth and fifth and etc looool so yeh that’s about it with me hope you enjoyed my post and am gonna leave you with the pics ^_^ love ya all..

P.S: am currently inlove with Rashid el majed newest album *noor 3aini* amazing it has this s3oodi rythem in it that makes me go crazy and makes the s3oodi vein jump up on me looool so go check it out and tell me wat do ya think =P *asawi da3aya*
This was at DFC my cuzin was trying to win something =( ..

This is the thing they did the acrobats on ... yeh and it was moving

And this is the shout recored i was the first one on the daily recored =P ..

This is musirf park

And this is my Dress =D i just wish i had a manicane to fit it to show you the curves it looks straight like that oooh weelll ...

Btw am suposed to post this 2 days ago but the pic's casued some delay no thanks to my lazy cuzin =P ...


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