Feb 21, 2009


Hello Floggers,

5ala9 am gonna name you floggers mn el yoom o raye7 i liked it =D anyho lets begin with the updates wooohooo

1. The wedding was AMAZING i wish i could share pics with you =( i danced my butt off maybe thats why every muscle in me ached the next day YOU THINK???

2. The dress turned out great and everybody complemented me *e7m e7m* i dont mean to brag but some of my relatives told me i lost weight i was like O_O the all grins cuz i lost only 3 kilos and didnt think it would show u knw?, oooh oooh didnt like my make up that much cuz my fake eyelash was glued on half of my eyelid YES eyelid can you believe that GOD bss my hair was nice me likey =D most importantly I HAD A BLAST!! would give this wedding 100/100 .

3.I started organizing my self for uni reading and catching up cuz i really neglected uni last week hehe *evil smile*

4. I missed writing blogs and i got tagged by 3 people sillhouette Crime and limited to do the grumpy thing and DanDoon to do the pic thingie am really sorry 7abbaybe am late (k) forgive me NOW NOW.. =P

Grumpy Tag

Three abnormal things:

1. Really quiet people (no offence).

2. Fake people.

3. Facebook. =P

Two irritating things:

1. When you talk on the phone and people see you talking but talk to you anyways like i can hear 2 people at a time shheeesssh -.- .

2. when your private icths you and you cant itch it cause u are in public loooool .

The anger trigerer:

When someone annoys u and then u laugh then it really gts annoying and you tell them to stop and they keep on going on. yeh that fires me up.

Three people cant live without:

1. My family.

2. My imaginary husband. (am so pethetic wallah)

3. My friends.

Two people i dont want to see:

Hmm... I dont knw. none i guess.

FAV Food:

Am a food addict =D all food is my fav =P.

FAV songs:

I dunno it's not stable =P..

The rules are as followed:

1.Put a picture of any grumpy person.

2.Then Mention 3 things that are just abnormal.

3.Two things that irritate you.

4.One trigger to your anger.

5.Three people you can't live without.

6.Two people you don't want to see.

7.One of your favorite foods.

8.Three of your favorite songs 2.

The Photo Tag

(1) Find your fifth photo file folder and then the fifth photo in the file folder.

(2) Post the picture on your blog.

(3) Tag other five blogger to do the same.

I Dont have many folders of pics in my laptop yes i am scared putting pics on the computer haha am so lame but i guess this kinda shit happen where they hack and stuff =P anyho my pic are all scattered in my pic folder so am gonna post the fifth one there =P lol (89at 7ayaty).

Its a pic of an arabic singer my friend wanted to photoshop her for her art class so she wanted to show me el pic o it ended up her =P

Thats about it folks till next time inshallah. =P



p.s: The boy in the grumpy tag is my lil bro *mashallah* he is sick now 7abeeby wallah mayshoof shar he has a fever and he's so quiet =( allah ey3afeeeh soon goolo ammeeeen i cant bear watching him che and oh almost forgot i tag who ever wants to do it =D..


pinky said...

good that u enjoyed your time in the wedding ^^ w salamt your bro mayshoof shar

MashMosh said...

thnx sweety =D kelich thoog ^_^

Candy said...

LOOOOL post,espcially el quite ppl
hi sexy :DD
so u know,i knew girls who used to dance a lot in weddings everytime they attend weddings,& from dancing they loose weight,el dancing like a sport,so keep dancing,umm madree a7es ench mb mteena,ya3nee u wanna be skinny girl
?? @@
plz don't el curvey a7la ^^
ya i wanted to see el wedding pix bas ma yestwee :P

Candy said...

and abt el boy in grumpy tag,
& his marath,
3ellah fene walah fee..
wallah u know,el lil kids can't bear being sick,wallah yekseronn el 5a6er youm yemrethon
salamtah ma yshoof shar..

Zara said...

Salamat! I wish your lil brother get well soon, he looks so cute with his grumpy expression =P

Sweetie! I missed you~ Glad you have a blast in the wedding! I wanna see the wedding pics, send for me send for me, LOL kidding!

Chinese Eyes said...

interesting !!! Glad the wedding turned out (Y)!

TOOTA said...

mayshoof shar...

i wanna see the pics!!
of the wed!! glad u had fun!!;p

imaginary husband...hahaha!!;p

when your private icths you and you cant itch it cause u are in public loooool .<< okaaaaay!!;p

your ssooo funny i enjoyed this post!!;p

libero anima said...

yeah u lots weight man ! mbayen 3alaich ! bss dnt forget me when ur all beautiful and curvy and all the guys are following u ! btw the other day mama told me mashala 3alaiha msh msh wayed attractive =p i didnt tell u .. and i dnt know y am saying this in ur blog .. bss anyways !

fdaaaait 7amoooodi anaaaaa =D

and y am i not on ur list of ppl u can't live without !

MashMosh said...

yeh i knw i LOVE dancing =P bss too lazy no i dont wanna be skinny just want to get rid of the wiggly parts =)*hehe*..
thnx galbi el shar mayech!

allah eysalemich.
I missed u too babe, wallah i wish i can show you bss they are not that much o my make up stinks xD

chinese eyes::
thnx 7abeebti.

el shar mayech ;* !!
thnx babe.

=$ aweh yal fashla *hugs ur mum*
ur my friend and my sista so i cant live with out u twice ;)
fdait roo7ich..

MeeMzZ said...

ur bro is soo cute...mayshoof shar;**

MashMosh said...

thnx babe enti el cute !!!
el shar mayeech !!! ^_^

Limited said...

7laaila o5ooch, maychoof shar enshalla!

lol i love it when they tell me ive lost weight w '6a3fana w chee .. i feel so go0d =P

MashMosh said...

omg i knw 9aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa7 =D
bss i need to continue my journey cuz am doing it for my self not for people u knw =P

Music, Happiness, Love said...

salamat to ur brotherr;*!

MashMosh said...

allah eysalemich darling *hug*


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