Feb 27, 2009


This week was good until yesterday *hating it* >.<> want to remember it inshallah everything is going to be fine * nakadt 3alikom mn awal el post*

Anyways this week i had an exam at uni and if i passed i would drop this course *cross fingers* i have a good feeling about it o inshallah i will pass i cant bare going to uni at 9 you see it will ruin my schedule which very happy and dont want it to get ruined because of this stupid course ...

mmm.... wat else ?? God why does my mind go blank when i write in the blog .. i think making a voice blog would be much easier looool what do you think ??

btw the blogsphere is sooo active mashhalh i cant catch up with it lol i am so excited about my aerobics and yoga/ relaxation class i went to both of them o am LOVIN IT BABE i feel more healthier btw i stoped dieting and decided to control my food instead yeh who am i kidding lol no but seriously i will try to control my food ...

I knw this post is so blah and stuff but i keep on forgetting what am i gonna write about akeed i bored u knw lol so yallah tc and see u soon...

P.S:: I so totally need a husband even tho if it was only for one day is it to hard to ask for =/ ooohhh maaaaaaaaaaan


Zara Al-Mozza said...

LOL I will be your "hubby" for a day! Yay go MashMosh go MashMosh you can do it, I know you can do the exam *cross fingers*! I always went blank too when I come to writing =( I need to cintrol my food too sweetie and now while I wrote you this, Im so hungry!!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

gooood luckk ;D

MashMosh said...

-.- it not the same zarona U R A FEMALE!! =P i need someone from the opposite sex loool are you willing to be one for me ???
thnx babe oooh am hungry tooo =(

Music, happiness, love::
thnx babe =*

Candy said...

LOOL to beging with ^^
u need a man? i think its one of
1) ya enech sick of being single
2) ya enech the same above lol!

a7la shay youm drop a course..
ya 7alat hal sho3or <_<
gd siso0o

Nani_37 said...

The dieting thing doesn't work for me either ... i've been 'trying' to go on a diet since 8th grade; it's not working :p

best of luck :)

pinky said...

good luck ^^
i always wanted 2 take a yoga class but never did hhh

MashMosh said...

i want some one to spoil me and hug me and spoil me again and love me unconditionally *sigh* ..
yeh i knw it's amazing bss inshallah i pass !!!

oh yeh SCREW DIETING!! =P thnx huni

huni you should wallah its nice o if you went for the first time ur gonna have a great laugh bss 3gb ur gonna get in the mood !!!

Zara Al-Mozza said...

خبر عاجل
هذا الكائن الفضائي الذي اقتحم صفحتي اضافاكم عنده, ولهذا السبب اتمنى من الجميع اخذ الحيطة والحذر واعلان حالة التأهب الشامل,(loool)
وبالأضافة الى ذلك فقد اشاعت اكاذيب عني انا بسبب الغيرة التي تعاني منها ...
وبالمناسبة فهي لا تفهم اللغة العربية : P

libero anima said...

i'll be ur husband =p looool

MashMosh said...

looool i knw i've read !!
whats the nick ??


Karamilah said...

good luck, inshallah u will pass, u just posted on my comment box that we girls can do it so i'm repeating that for u. U CAN DO IT GURL!!

You don't need diet u need exercise, wallah.

my sis always says "husbands are pain in the ass" so for now you don't need a hubby, it is just u need to fill a void in ur heart and mental sense. Enjoy every bit of your life, although im not saying getting married is not nice.

MashMosh said...

omg gurl for a min u sounded like my mum =P lool la i just want him for one day when i am emotionally disturbed =P loooooool

yeh i can do it wooohooo


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