Feb 8, 2009

So You Had A Bad Day =(

so heres the deal today was very extremly annoying for the following reasons :-
1. I started uni today .
2. I slept for one hour only.
3. Mum was half an hour late on me because she was watching a "movie" and forgot me.
4. My body is aching from the bike ..
5. I am on a Diet ...

And on top all of that (as if it's not enough) i kept a small smile on my face =) yes am a good girl but i wasnt in the mood all day (including now) god my eyes are burning rite now ma3aneh i slept for 4 hours this after noon i should have orgnized my sleep over the holidays =( ugh stupid mashmosh beside dieting doesnt go well with uni and friends got i struggled today just to keep my mouth shut although i poped some maltesers in my mouth >.<>

Anyhoo today wasnt all bad since i liked some classes that i am gonna take this semster and some were just FREAKIN boring as usual nothing is perfect you cant have all the nice teachers and subjects bss thank god i am really satisfied with my teachers *phew* i can see all the girls runing around wanting to change thier teachers or something ( May God Be With Them ) so thats my latest update o inshallah 2moro is going to be a better day *cross fingers* ...

i knw this post doesnt make any sense but i wanted to get things out of my head and just clear things a bit =D love ya'll take care and always put a smile on ur faces i swear it makes a diff ..

P.S: I really dont like FaceBook =S i went in to check it out but i still after one month i dont get it god but i really feel comfortable with blogging more i guess bloging is ma thing =P


libero anima said...

duuuuuuuude i was so effin happy to see you today !

and i'm of those girls who were running around wanting to change their teachers man !!! and i have to tell u about that problem tomorrow ! ..

e7m i dn't think u'll stick onto that diet when u r with me =$

yeah facebook sucks so tell sarooh to stop nagging me to open an account =p ..

libero anima said...

the tittle reminded me with a song called if you had a bad day

listen to it NOW !


Music, Happiness, Love said...

ugghh i had a bad day today too!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

awwww =(

well on the brighter notion, atleast you like ur subjects and teachers ;)

imagine if you had to go through ALL that and not like them too =/

MashMosh said...

me too bss did you notice i wasnt all 5bla and stuff...
i knw huni wallah allah y3eenich >.< ..
omg everybody is against my diet =( ur supose to help me !!
*high five for agreeing with me*

btw yeh i knw el song lol i named the title on purpose =P

Music, happines, love::
awwww *hugs* wallah may god be with us (k)

u would be attending my janaza =P..

Seattle dude said...

well you should probably fix up your sleepin schedule XD

well facebook is kind of nice, but i dont go on it too much these days either... i've been reading around that twitter is like the current craze or something. well i might get myself into it if i feel like it sometime

PaLoMiNo said...

Hate FB too!! :X

Candy said...

e7em,its been a week mdawamah,& my brain is still in the holiday @@!
so just deal with it,abt el teachers,allah ye3een,lazem 7ad menhum ye6la3 mub shay <_< 7atta law kanaw kelhum OK <_<

Anonymous said...

I've been having bad DAYS ! My sleep is so messed up that I'm sleepy almost all the time! It's annoying.

MashMosh said...

Seattle Dude::
yeh i knw i am working on it =P oh yeh i've heard of twitter thinge bss i never got whats the deal with it??

*high five* woohooo

*hits you on the head* enti wainch our c.boxs are empty with out you wallah i missed you wayed -.-

Chinese eyes::
awwh *hug* yallah lets do a jam3ai sleep over =P

libero anima said...

no diet mshmsh it's so boring =p

Silhouette Crime said...

your tagged

Limited said...

ur tagged!

and yeah new semester, new schedule, new courses .. just be lucky u like urs .. not like girls i know who have been trying to change something or the other .. msakeen ..

MashMosh said...

loool I KNW bss sho ensawi !!!

=P i shortcutted ur nick if you dont mind lol thnx babe :*

i knw wallah msakeen allah ey3eenhom wallah i feel for them =( o thnx sweets =D

Anonymous said...

MashMosh sweetie, I will give you a big big big bear hug! I hope the next day turns out well *cross fingers*

Sleep well sweetie, I'll sing you lullaby =)

PS I hate new Facebook =S

Karamilah said...

i finally don't have to fuss about schedule, hating a professor and killing myself to wake up early in the morning to attend classes. you will get to this stage when you reach the end, but u still freak out because of other stuff, hehe.

allah y36eech il3afyah and dear, diet doesn't work, don't stop eating chocolate coz it is not ony about chocolate. just try to itna'6eem ur food pattern and portion too, it works well with me, and yeah try go walking or doing exercise, it helps.

good luck and all the best

MashMosh said...

*hugs you back* god i missed you and ur posts ...
i feel that it is complicated lol aww well

lol lucky you =P
yeh i think am going to do that cuz this diet thing is kinda getting me depressed =/ i dunno
thnx anyways ^_^

Balqees said...

i kinda don't like FB and was like OMG i hate it and didn't have a FB profile

then fj2ah one day i needed to get to a girl for somthing and apparently FB was the only way
so from there i opened an account and so on :P
aldonyah m9ale7 :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...



fεmaℓe symphoηy said...

most of the time we've bad hair day :S and nothing can cheers us up that time like having fun with our friends.
FB do u hate it!
I didn't love it at first but now i'm addicted to FB :)

Diablo said...

GoooooD luck with uni .. darb darb :P

MashMosh said...

*high five* wooho omg i was like yaaay am not alone on this bss when i reached the end i was like humph looool

thnx hun gonna post asap!! (k)

Female symphony::
looool btw every one hates it at the beginning bss they end up getting addicted weird ...

haha i was like awww at the beginning bss 3gb i was like -.- *gasp* looool yeh i do have a long darb to go .. =(


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