Jan 26, 2009

What da ya think???

SSSoooooo Dear Bloggers What do you think of my new layout =P??
be honest okay pinky promise..
well i knw one thing Zara is gonna love it!! haha

did i go soo sponge boby this time?? =(
wwwwhhaaaaattt dont stare at spongebob like that i love him...
spongey can move with ya too hehehhehehehe the c.box is too cheesey that i will change or what do you think??

Jan 24, 2009

Questions & Answers

I Was Tagged By My Crazy C.box Friend Candy to do this Fav list.

Favorite color: I dont have one you see it depends on the shade of the color but for now i am into turquoise .

Favorite getaway place: My Room!!

Favorite perfume (guys): Hmm.. i guess shei5.

Favorite perfume (girls): Versace *the one with the black rock on top*

Favorite pj brand: I dont have one, i just get anything i like its just a PJ. =P

Favorite clothes brand in general: Same here anything that looks nice.

Favorite person in the entire world: My mom =)

Favorite country (not including your own): Australia

Favorite car: Mercedes

Favorite sport: Haha are you kidding me ??

Favorite sport player: NoN, not into sports!

Favorite spot in Kuwait: I dont remember since i was a small kid when i went there..

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite movie: I dont have one, too much movies.

Favorite singer: My taste in music is universal.

Favorite day in the week: mmmm.. Saturday i guess.

Favorite time of the day: Morning time like 8ish or 9ish

Favorite holiday season: Spring Break.

Favorite number: I dont have one..

Favorite food: When it come to food am an adventurer =P all kinda food is welcomed to my tummy.

Favorite chocolate: Tolebrone =P white one.

Favorite cartoon: DUH... Sponge Bob Square Pants..

Favorite blogger: All bloggers who write what they really feel.

Favorite Flavour Ice Cream: Perlines by Baskin Robbins.

Favorite Mobile Brand: Sony Erricson.


You should add a new favorite to the list and pass it on to 10 to 15 people.

I Tag : Libero anima, Zara, Chinese eyes, Ruby Woo, Sadia, Saroyque, Lets talk love, hijabis on ranting tour *Nazz*, Forbidden love, DanDoon, Lostb2amreeka, Errant.

P.S:: Inshallah next post i will try to upload the dress pic and update you about my diet .. tc everyone.. XOXOXO

Jan 22, 2009

Year Resolution ???

Hey ya'll,hope your doing great..
Anyhoo,Its my 9th day of holiday forever =P and i made a huge comitment to my self e7m ..
So let me tell you the real deal behind this comitment and wat is the HUGE COMETMINET...

A few days ago i was in WAFI shopping mall for my lil cuzin birthday party so i dropped off my lil sista and brother and went for a spin in the shopping mall with mumzy, since we have a two close weddings coming up, we were dress hunting!!!
We entered this shop called desert rose and went through the clothes until my eyes fell on this amazing dress which i fell in love immidealtly.

MashMosh: O_O MUM it so amazing.

Mumz:*doubting face* hmm yeh it's nice bss too sexy...

MashMosh: should i try it? it's my size and the last peice???

So i tried it on and it was gourgous excpt the fat on my body was runing it a bit i was like wth am taking it in my mind it actually FITS me and hides my flaws well a bit *thinks again* well no actually it does hide any flaws =) ..

MuMz: Hmmm it's nice !! *checks price tag*

MashMosh: Yeh? does it make me fat???

MuMz: La La 3adi ( which means noh it's ur body shape), good price too.

MashMosh: Y3ni i take it mumz ??

MuMz: Go ahead ..


So i was trying it out again today and i was like la la too much fat bumbs, i got to do something..
I went online with a determined soul to find a good fast working diet and guess what??? I found one *yaaayss* its an 11 diet day which my friend tried and lost 10 kilos in 22 days which is good y3ni just wat i needed ..
so i supose you guessed wat is my resolution for this year ??? yes yes and yes am going on DIET *yaaay* i hope i stay on track >.< Thank you god for sending me this dress so it can be an sign that this weight gain has to stop !!!!

I knw i bored you to death =P i just wanted to share this with you since am excited and i was hoping for some support from the blogsphere...

Best wishes from food loving, strong will,


P.S:: I knw am late for the year resolution =P but it just poped up today..

Jan 19, 2009

BACK to where i belong!!

Omg i can not believe i have been away from my blog for 5 DAYS !!!!

*HUGS* missed ya'll and missed ur posts @_@

wallah now i am going around dont know which post to read first they all soo damn good ... i still didnt finish reading all the posts from my "blogs i follow" i maybe need a day or 2 =P hehhe ...

I should've done this thing long agooooooooo seriously long ago thank you my lovely zaroona for having paitent on me love ya gurl and libero who have just awarded me today and candy ... thank you loads gurls!!

So the deal is zara have awarded me for the "coolest blog" =P e7m which i knw am not loolz *shy* so the rule is to post this pic and to chose 10 other blogs O_O dumdum dum ..

Well i cant chose 10 coolest blogs cause i simply cant i love all kind of bloggs and thats the reason why i joined the blogsphere i love knowing what people think even if it was the dumbest thing you could imagine but i seriously love reading about peoples life/emotions/fun time you just name it and i would read it ..

Am sorry for ruining the game rules but hey I CANT DO IT they are loads of cool blogs!!!!

P.S: The reason i was away for that long is because libero stole my laptop am kept it hostage till i pay her to give it back !!! can you believe that gurl !!!!! @_@ =P

Jan 10, 2009

e7m... May i have your attention please!!!

Okay so since everyone is requesting songs and demanding on putting our real voices after singing i were a boy by beyonce the twisted verison (it's with libero anima) SO we thought wat the hell....

hey to make it even better lets put the video =P

hope you like it ... enjoy..

Sooo how did you like it =P??

Hate it / Love it??

we have sexy voices huh??

We wish dont we libero maybe one day we will be like them with loooaaadssss of infinty practice !!!

P.S:: the one with the blue or black i dunno body remindes me of zara :$ hehe

Jan 5, 2009

TaGGed !!!

yup yup am TaGGed by *Drum rolls* the sweet and only ZARAOOONA (zara) =P so i knw i should hav done this long time ago but i hate posting post in the same day cuz i posted the walk and i saw am tagged so i was like am gonna think about the stuff i will write and leave some space between posts =P..
anyways here i go btw am sorry if it so 5rboo6 =P

(1). I can blend easily with anyone IF AM IN THE MOOD i am flexible wayed!!! and get so comfortable like i've known them for years i knw your gonna go like well thats a good thing but it really not cuz some girls are like wth mno tet7ara 3mraha
so am tyring to tame that down..

(2) I like the way my hair touches my back when it's opened lol i knw weird am laughing at my self just at the though of it =P *gayness*.

(3) Sometime i feel that i dont want to get married and it's not that big a deal it i didnt get married but on the other hand sometimes i freak out when i think that am not gonna get married lol so i dont knw ...

(4) I think i have this thing that i understand people quickly or i knw when they are upset * super powers* no seriously like i put my self in thier place u knw wat i mean!! noh??

(5) I love doing crazy stuff when am with a crazy bunch like e7m liebro xP and i can be the quite "rezena" girl if am with mum and the "family" lol no dont get me wrong am not to faced but as i said above i go with the flow but i do get crazy with my mom e7m sometimes well i guess the word for this is adventurous ..

(6) I dont know if you noticed this thing about me but whenever i write a comment in the blog sphere i start it with a lol =P and if i didnt start it i have to include it with the comment =P

(7) I have this dream or should i say goal i wanna reach it in my life i wanna be so important and play a big role in humanity and i have this feeling am gonna be rich xD dont ask why ??

(8) OMG ... i cant believe am gonna say this but what the hell!!! i tend to dance in my bathroom alot and pretend am the singer or a dancer ... yeh e7m..

(9) I love mixing up food like sour and salt or sweet and salt !! like experimenting with food since i adore food yuummmyyy ...

(10) When i talk i move my head and hands aloot even my friends and family made fun of me so now am controlling it btw it comes naturally ..

Hope you enjoyed my list ....

Jan 2, 2009


so yesterday i went to this new place in dubai and i was blown off with it and am in love with it especially in this amazing weather we have in dubai ..

anyhooo this place is called the walk lol i knw you might say tawa el nass bss i've been to busy to go to it and yesterday was my first time to go there too bad i didnt have my cam *hits head* wallah am so dumb am and the annoying thing is that i was like before i go out of the home should i get my cam or no and i was like naaah wallah am sooo stupid i could've taken pic's and post it here so you can have a look but cuz am getting smarter lol i couldnt wait till next time to take pic's so i can show you so i googled it and found some pic's not that clear though but could give you a glimpse of how is it ... enjoy...

This is the overall walk... but not all of it though btw the beach is on the left side.. surprisingly everybody was going to swim and i was like O_O it's freakin cold well to us it's cold cuz we are not used tot his kinda weather...

And this is an up close pic of all the restaurants..

Sorry for the bad resolution and i promise more pic the next time i go there ^_^ btw who ever is in dubai and didnt go there ne9 3mra fateh =P lol no seriously u have to go there ....


Made by Lena