Jan 5, 2009

TaGGed !!!

yup yup am TaGGed by *Drum rolls* the sweet and only ZARAOOONA (zara) =P so i knw i should hav done this long time ago but i hate posting post in the same day cuz i posted the walk and i saw am tagged so i was like am gonna think about the stuff i will write and leave some space between posts =P..
anyways here i go btw am sorry if it so 5rboo6 =P

(1). I can blend easily with anyone IF AM IN THE MOOD i am flexible wayed!!! and get so comfortable like i've known them for years i knw your gonna go like well thats a good thing but it really not cuz some girls are like wth mno tet7ara 3mraha
so am tyring to tame that down..

(2) I like the way my hair touches my back when it's opened lol i knw weird am laughing at my self just at the though of it =P *gayness*.

(3) Sometime i feel that i dont want to get married and it's not that big a deal it i didnt get married but on the other hand sometimes i freak out when i think that am not gonna get married lol so i dont knw ...

(4) I think i have this thing that i understand people quickly or i knw when they are upset * super powers* no seriously like i put my self in thier place u knw wat i mean!! noh??

(5) I love doing crazy stuff when am with a crazy bunch like e7m liebro xP and i can be the quite "rezena" girl if am with mum and the "family" lol no dont get me wrong am not to faced but as i said above i go with the flow but i do get crazy with my mom e7m sometimes well i guess the word for this is adventurous ..

(6) I dont know if you noticed this thing about me but whenever i write a comment in the blog sphere i start it with a lol =P and if i didnt start it i have to include it with the comment =P

(7) I have this dream or should i say goal i wanna reach it in my life i wanna be so important and play a big role in humanity and i have this feeling am gonna be rich xD dont ask why ??

(8) OMG ... i cant believe am gonna say this but what the hell!!! i tend to dance in my bathroom alot and pretend am the singer or a dancer ... yeh e7m..

(9) I love mixing up food like sour and salt or sweet and salt !! like experimenting with food since i adore food yuummmyyy ...

(10) When i talk i move my head and hands aloot even my friends and family made fun of me so now am controlling it btw it comes naturally ..

Hope you enjoyed my list ....


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

sing bl bathroom 3ady ;)

bs dance? ;)

hmmmmmm ;)

libero anima said...

mashmooooooooosh ! i love u forever and ever and ever u crazy food thrower ! =p

hehehehe dance in da bathroom ! u freak ! wait 3alaiyeh ba5aber kel 7ad =p

sadia said...

lol =P
^ that was for you :*

you're soo cute!!

i like the way my hair touches my back too!..lol

and lol at dancing in the bathroom....i won't say i've never done that! =/

Zara said...

*hugs* *kiss*
OMG MashMosh I love your list! You are so funny and cute! I did the bathroom thing too *shhhhh*

MashMosh said...

haha 3ady twa83ai kel shay from me xP!!

yeh i have an issue with that..
loool yal f'6ee77a wallah i was hesitant to write this becuz of you lol 3adi i dont care ppl do worse stuff than innocent dancing!!

haha lol yaaay am not a freak !!
you should try that !!!

7abeebti wallah *kisses and hugs*
wallah mn your sweetness u loved my list ^_^ we can dance together ?? wat u think?? =P

Tuwams said...

hahahahahahaha! NICE! i used to sing in the bathroom.. but i never danced xD

cute list!

Venus said...

BIG LOL @ ur list,
abt being rich,
ya, i can feel it :ppp

i dont know why i didnt reply much in ur post
am speechless 3ala '3eer 3adty
ليكون حد حسدني

MashMosh said...

3eyoonich el cute babe ^_^

O_O omg laaaa egray 3ala 3mrich =P

S E 7 E N said...

7) i have the same dream i just want to be filthy rich .... and live in monte carlo

8) hahahaha i do the same thing but i play football

9) then you should try a hot chocolate with salt from starbucks

cookiesobsession said...

LOL!! that's awesome :P

MashMosh said...

lool yeh maybe one day i will try it inshallah..

loool thnx huni btw i love ur nick hehe sooo cute !!

Mai said...

I had the same feeling a while back then about number 3 ,
bas gelty dance in the bathroom ? :P lol ,
nice you have here too :)

Chinese Eyes said...

Interesting LOL !

MashMosh said...

thank god am not alone lol thnx huni ^_^

Chinese eyes::
thnx babes


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