Jan 19, 2009

BACK to where i belong!!

Omg i can not believe i have been away from my blog for 5 DAYS !!!!

*HUGS* missed ya'll and missed ur posts @_@

wallah now i am going around dont know which post to read first they all soo damn good ... i still didnt finish reading all the posts from my "blogs i follow" i maybe need a day or 2 =P hehhe ...

I should've done this thing long agooooooooo seriously long ago thank you my lovely zaroona for having paitent on me love ya gurl and libero who have just awarded me today and candy ... thank you loads gurls!!

So the deal is zara have awarded me for the "coolest blog" =P e7m which i knw am not loolz *shy* so the rule is to post this pic and to chose 10 other blogs O_O dumdum dum ..

Well i cant chose 10 coolest blogs cause i simply cant i love all kind of bloggs and thats the reason why i joined the blogsphere i love knowing what people think even if it was the dumbest thing you could imagine but i seriously love reading about peoples life/emotions/fun time you just name it and i would read it ..

Am sorry for ruining the game rules but hey I CANT DO IT they are loads of cool blogs!!!!

P.S: The reason i was away for that long is because libero stole my laptop am kept it hostage till i pay her to give it back !!! can you believe that gurl !!!!! @_@ =P


libero anima said...

looooooooooooooool !

i would've kept it with me more bss u paid the full amount and it would be unfair to keep it longer :P XD

and u ruined the game !! duuuude stick to the rules =@

MashMosh said...


ur the last on to talk about rules =P haha !!

Candy said...

why did u stole her lap libero?
that's why she was me5tafiah el ayam ele 6afat ..

"ياشين اللقافه بس ^^"

nyxxie said...

welcome back :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

1st welcome back ;)
2nd congrats on the award : *
3rd loool at the last line, allah y5aleekum li ba3th u and libero : )

sadia said...

welcome back sweets! :*

Zara said...

*spank* *spank* naughty Libero for kidnap MashMosh laptop!!

Miss you sweetie!

MashMosh said...

shefti how mean is libero??

thnx babe ^_^

1st thnx =D
2nd thnx =*
3rd thnx xD

thnx sweets =* liked sweets =P sweets sweets hehe

yaaaay ya7ya el 3adel *jumps around* miss you too mooommy =( it all from libero she seprated me from you..

Music, Happiness, Love said...

loool i shud take my frends laptop too! good way to make money;p

libero anima said...

oh maaaaaaan ;(

MashMosh said...

music, happiness, love::
noh, i will hunt you down !!! i went through alot *tears*

love you (k)

Chinese Eyes said...

Libero how unfair LOL !

MashMosh said...

yeh i knw she is evil !!!


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