May 14, 2010

فتيات دبي.. أيادي العطاء في منتدى الإعلام العربي

Sallam 3alaikom all

Hope you are okay? Am fine el 7emdelah.

Okay so hers's the deal the last 3 days was hectic, because i was volunteering in the arab media fourm, doing all crazy stuff volunteers do.
Overall el 7emdelah it was an awsome experince, met great people and defiantly opened my eyes to many things.

The link below is an article written about the voulteers who participated in AMF's enjoy.

جريدة ايلاف اليومية الإلكترونية - أخبار عربية و عالمية - أخبار الشرق الأوسط - أخبار

Advice of the day: Thank allah for the many blessings even if it was as small as volunteering.


Another-Penelope said...

hey girl im glad you did something useful that makes things go great :D true we should always thank god for anything ^_^

Anonymous said...

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