May 5, 2010


Hey everyone, hope life have given you a better day today than mine...

It seems that my purpose of blogging have changed now, before i use to blog for the fun of it stressing over what am i going to blog about next and will i get as many comments, call it shallow, dumb, what ever you like.
Now i blog my feeling i dont not stress or even think of what to blog about it just comes along and let me tell you i like this way much more than the other one. it seemed that i lacked the art of blogging and now i have understood it.

Anyways getting on with the feelings of today. first thing i have to say that THIS WAS NOT MY DAY AT ALL. I totally blanked at a speech i presented oh so awfuly and i just stood there BLANKED out. And i forced my teacher to give me another chance which made it even worse in the guilt meter cuz it was obiviously not fair for the other students -sigh- ..

I knw its not healthy to keep beating your self up over something past, i mean come on its just a speech .. right? its just that i knw i could have done better this was totally not my level but anyways its over now i'll ace next time inshallah.

Another thing that just made my patience meter strike to the limits is that people keep treating you like a moron, for peace sake we are not 10 anymore it shows when you hide some thing and fabricating something from some one. Am having those moments where i cant express my feeling through words.

Advice of the day :
patience is the key for every door ..


P.S: I feel better now. el 7emdelah.

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