Apr 28, 2010


Hey ya’ll I know it’s been a ages and everything, yes I missed blogging and reading blogs..

Am guilty as proven no excuse can justify the way I left you blogger .com please take me back ..

Anyways there is this thing that has been bothering me a lot lately and its one of those things that you cannot put to words, it’s like sitting there at the end of your throat but no words can express it – I know your wondering how is that even possible- well maybe it not that I cannot put those feelings to words maybe it’s the fear of expressing those thought might hurt someone or even worse might offend them or maybe it’s because I know that person so well that no matter what I say or do to prove my point they won’t settle or compromise their point of view so why begin in the first place . I don’t know..

*big sigh*

Well I guess no one’s is perfect everybody has their flaws and things, I wonder what are my flaws? Hmmm it’s amazing how great this feels even though I haven’t wrote that much but I feel better..

Advice of the day:

Don’t let anything brings you down, tomorrow is always a better day =)

That’s it for now .. TC people and smile IT WONT KILL YOU…


Another-Penelope said...

Smiles :D hey dear welcome back oh god it is such a long day, how ya been?

Anonymous said...

welcome back :)

MashMosh said...

el 7emdelah am fine, what about you?

thnx ^_^


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